Kennels and Boarding in West Yorkshire

Merizel Kennels and Cattery

All dogs are housed in central heated kennels with an attached individual run. We have kennels large enough to accommodate more than one dog from the same family and offer a discount for dogs sharing. Dogs are never allowed to share unless they are from the same household.

Whether you are looking for boarding kennels or a cattery in Leeds or West Yorkshire, be sure to make your first and only choice Merizel Kennels and Cattery.

Dog Care

We offer a variety of routines and exercises. The morning routine consists of your dog spending time playing out in the large exercise area whilst kennels are cleaned, hosed and the bedding changed, ensuring a high standard of hygiene and comfort. After playtime, your dog will then be checked over to ensure all is well and then given fresh water and have a breakfast.

In the afternoon, your dog will have one to one time with the staff, playing games with safe durable toys so that your dog can enjoy a free run in the large grassed enclosed area, enabling us to build up a bond ensuring a positive association with your pet. After that, your pet will be allowed to settle before being fed and watered again. Puppies needs are taken into consideration as we appreciate these differ from an adult dog as are the needs of the elderly pet. All of our boarders receive personal care and attention as we pride ourselves on being a small family run establishment.

We feed a wide variety of premium quality wet and dry foods. However, should your dog require something different this can be provided, please mention this at the time of booking. Our staff has vast experience and knowledge of nutrition and dog care ensuring that your pet is well fed and a good condition is maintained.

Dog Grooming

A full professional grooming service is available of all breeds by qualified groomers with a combined experience of over 30 years. A complete range of services is available from just a bath and brush up to a full grooming, clipping and/or hand stripping. If you would like your dog groomed whilst being boarded, please request this at time of booking. This service is also available to non-boarding dogs. Please call to book an appointment.

Cattery in West Yorkshire

All cats are housed in heated, spacious, modern pens. These pens consist of an upstairs/downstairs system. The sleeping area, food, drink and heating are all on the upper level. The litter tray and spacious run is on the lower level. Pens also have viewing platforms allowing the cats to overlook gardens and a pond. We keep a wide variety of premium wet and dry cat food in stock, however should your cat be fed on something we don't normally stock, we can provide this, please let us know at the time of booking.

One to one time is spent with your cat ensuring they feel calm, relaxed and secure. Toys and bedding are provided, however, if you prefer please feel free to bring your own. Disinfectants of the highest quality, which are safe and effective. We supply an oval plastic bed with fleece bedding or blankets. Customers wishing to bring their own can do so if they wish.

Get in Touch!

Our aim is to ensure your pet is as content as possible during his or her stay with us so you both have a happy holiday! We can be reached via the telephone number displayed at the top of this page, or by the contact form.

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